All Hope activities are effective in their own right, when combined together they form a powerful intervention


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Our products and services are based on scientific research from the disciplines of positive psychology,  cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness. Our research partner is Coventry University where Professor Andy Turner and his team have been developing and evaluating self-management interventions for over 20 years.

Several studies have shown that the Hope and iHope Programme improve positive mental wellbeing, confidence, gratitude and hope whilst also reducing depression and anxiety.


Measuring our impact helps us to better understand how our products and services create positive social and economic value. As a social enterprise we publish annual social impact report highlighting our work and achievements.

Macmillan Cancer Support Case Study

We have been working in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support since 2010. Over 5,000 people living with and affected by cancer have benefited from the Hope Programme to date and there are over 500 professional and volunteer facilitators delivering courses across the country. Below highlights our latest work from 2017-18.

Selected research evidence

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More of Professor Andy Turner’s research publications can be found at his ORCID site.

More of Dr Faith Martin’s research publications can be found at her ORCID site.