We have to be militants for kindness, subversive for sweetness and radicals for tenderness


Hope For The Community Community Interest Company is an award winning organisation. We have been named Coventry University’s 2018-19 Major Social Enterprise for achieving growth, sustainability, widening reach and international impact.

The company was co-founded in 2015 by Andy Turner and four community members, Tina Malin, Wendy Dingley, Dave McHattie and Vicky Harker. These four amazing people attended the Hope Programme, then became facilitators and trainers, then company directors. You can hear from these community members talking about how they have spread Hope.


To provide affordable, co-created, evidence-based products and services to empower people to manage their health and wellbeing.


Everyone to have the tools to lead a hopeful and flourishing life.



In a gentle way, you can shake the world



Prof Andy Turner

Co-Founder and Professor of Health Psychology

Andy is passionate about research that makes a meaningful difference to people’s lives. He is a keen tennis player and loves hats and beards.

Andy Turner the CEO and Professor of Health Psychology at Coventry University. Andy is the co- inventor of the Hope Programme. Andy has developed, delivered and researched health behaviour coaching and self-management programmes for over 20 years and has written over 70 academic peer reviewed journal articles, papers and book chapters.



Tina Malin

Co-Founder and Hope Autism Facilitator

Tina enjoys meeting all the amazing families who attend Hope and helping them to realise their strengths and just how fantastic they are.

Tina has been a Hope volunteer over 10 years. In 2012 Tina was named Coventry Mum of the Year and has raised 9 children, which includes 5 of her sister’s children who are autistic whilst actively organising and delivering over 300 courses for Parents with children with autism. She has enjoyed delivering the courses, runs Parent's closed Facebook group.


Dr Tim Francis

Director and Intellectual Property Specialist

In his spare time Tim enjoys music and film and volunteers for a Leicester based charity and environmental community group. 

Tim and his team have been advising us when spinning out of the University. He works in the Commercialisation Office at Coventry, managing the intellectual property from the University. Prior to joining Coventry University Tim worked in both innovation and R&D roles, including the Medical Research Council, an international technology consultancy and The Forensic Science Service.  


Gabriela Matouskova

Business Advisor and Hope Culture Lead

Gabriela advises us on effective business delivery and funding sources. She loves all things crossing arts, health, community and research. 

Gabriela has over 18 years business support experience across Europe. She is working to support the growth of social enterprises in Coventry and beyond. Working with us aligns with Gabriela’s personal and professional principles, in particular her interest in social enterprise spin-outs from academic research for economic and societal impact.  Gabriela leads our Hope Culture programme.

Dr Faith Martin

Research and Clinical Consultant

Applied Clinical Health Research is at the core of Faith's approach. In her spare time, she works on mental health issues in Uganda. 

Faith Martin is currently a practicing Psychologist within the NHS and private practice. She provides research and clinical expertise to the ongoing programme development. She worked alongside Prof Turner at Coventry University from 2009 to 2011 on the development of the Hope Programme. Faith has a PhD in Psychology and a practitioner Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She is a HCPC registered Health Psychologist, HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist and BABCP accredited CBT practitioner.


Harry The Dog


Harry is our mascot and one fearless Jack Russell terrier.

Our dog Harry is a lovely Jack Russell terrier. He embodies the spirit and values of our organisation by being a breed of dog which is tenacious, energetic and enthusiastic. Jack Russell Terriers are the biggest dogs you'll ever meet in such a tiny package. They can run all day and keep coming back for more. They are sharply intelligent and absolutely nothing gets past them. There is no fooling Harry.

Buying from social enterprise demonstrates your responsible business values to employees, customers and suppliers.
— Social Enterprise UK
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We are members of Social Enterprise UK.

We trade for social purpose, reinvesting our profits into our social mission.

Bringing us into your supply chain will bring a range of benefits for your business, including:

• Meeting your corporate social responsibility objectives

• Ensuring the money you spend on goods and services goes to a cause your organisation and staff can be passionate about


We are proud to be working with a range of partners and funders across public, voluntary and charity sectors.