stories of hope

“Goal setting is great and well structured, I love that the emphasis is on the goal setter to overcome barriers and own the outcome. The gratitude wall is great and became a bit of a social hub.”

Workplace wellbeing participant - Digital iHope

“The Hope Programme has been a real turning point in my life. I must say I was feeling pretty sorry for myself before embarking on it, 14 months on from my son’s diagnosis. But through the programme I feel like I have broken the downward cycle.”

Parent of child with cancer - Digital iHope

“We learnt how to turn our negative thoughts into positive ones, how to communicate better with people, how to deal with problems caused by stress, depression, arguments and illness. We set ourselves a goal each week, and achieving it gave a good feeling of successes! I would heartily recommend joining the Hope Programme. It has been a really worthwhile and helpful experience. My thanks to all concerned.”

Person living with MS - Face-to-face Hope

“For me, the Hope Programme taught me tools that I applied in my life and gave me the guidance on how to deal with life. For me it was all about breaking problems down and learning how to be proactive. The tools have really taught me that I can be self-sufficient and mange my health and my life.”

Person living with HIV - Face-to-face Hope

“I have learned something from everyone, including how to be more positive and set goals to achieve more. We have enjoyed a lot of laughter and some sadness - to meet others with similar issues has been a good thing.”

Parent of child with autism - Face-to-face Hope

“It was wonderful to have access to this course in my own home at my own pace so I could do as little or as much as I wanted each day. I could join in the forums as much or as little as I liked and had access to a fab course.”

Person living with cancer - Digital iHope

“The Hope Programme was excellent. It enabled me to meet other people in similar situations to myself. It made me realise I was not on my own and that you can deal with cancer and hopefully come out stronger at the other end. The support from the two tutors was wonderful. I feel this course was an enormous help to me, and would also help many other cancer sufferers. There was real understanding in this course.”

Person living with cancer - Face-to-face Hope

I enjoyed the coming together with others in a similar situation, being able to talk about the caring experience to people sympathetic and able to suggest possible solutions and without feeling guilty about ‘boring’ them.”

Carer of person living with dementia - Face-to-face Hope

“I say yes to it all. Positive thinking, interaction with people on the course, goal setting gives confidence, change of faces. Hope, positive thinking has helped, enjoyment and the fun of meeting, an eye opener of other people’s problems, and the privilege of meeting people similar to me.”

Person living with dementia - Face-to-face Hope

The breathing exercise I thought that really helps. Not necessarily just at night times but any time. If you are feeling a bit down its actually helped slow your heart rate down which is brings you more, reduces your anxiety which is good”

Person living with depression - Face-to-face Hope