Created by Yasaman Attarzadeh, Coventry University MA Illustration & Animation student.

In the Hope of is a 2D hand-drawn cell animation based on a poem "Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow" by Sue Mason, cancer survivor and HOPE facilitator from the Wirrall.

This poem narrates Sue's experience as a cancer survivor and also a mentor on HOPE self-management course. She expressed her feelings and story of survivorship in form of poetry and I translated her words into a visual form of cell animation.


Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow

by Sue Mason

A surge of anger, a cry for help, a sense of impending doom
A silent scream falls on deaf ears, as our fate enters the room
Is this real? Help me please? I shout but no one hears
Can anyone really help me, but they still try to allay my fears?

Going through the motions of my life, a life that I don’t know
Unrecognisable voices in my head, negativity begins to grow
I take a breath, I take a step, my thoughts weigh down on me
I feel I’m in this on my own, no ‘you’, no ‘us’, no ‘we’

Trying to cling to the sides of the chasm as I fall down this hole
Desperately trying to fight right back, whilst relinquishing control
Who am I? What am I? A victim? Or just a name?
Acknowledging that my life will never ever be the same

We put our trust in others, those we’ve never met before
Am I just a statistic? Just one of many more
Many well meant platitudes - ‘just stay strong’ and ‘you will be fine’
‘But can you really promise me this’ – ‘of course just give it time’

We come through it all, scars not visible on the inside or the out
Whilst still we are in turmoil, but resist the urge to shout
Instead we choose to carry on, to hide behind our pain
Are we martyrs? Are we fighters? Have we anything to gain?

Admitting we need help, doesn’t tell us that we’re weak
The strength it shows to step in this room to find the answers that you seek
Is perhaps the bravest step that you will ever take
And meeting your fellow comrades – friends you never thought you’d make

Commiserations, expectations, opinions aren’t a fact
Thoughts make feelings, feelings contribute to the way we act
Headspace, mindfulness, a raisin or a stone,
A realisation that once again my house feels like my home

We talk, we laugh, we cry, we can’t believe the things we share
From the safety of our comfort blanket, our week one chosen chair
Empowerment and gratitude, an ever growing power
To see our HOPE tree flourish as we place upon a flower

From us we’d like to thank you, it’s been our privilege to share
We hope you show compassion for yourself and those who care
But now the day has come in the blink of a teary eye
To move forward in your new found way, as we say goodbye

Dance like no one is watching, sing from the bottom of your heart
Tomorrow is the next day of your life – what a time to start
We wish for you good health and happiness and the ability to cope
And thanks for sharing your adventure, and to you we give you hope