Goal Setting

A great way to motivate yourself is to set yourself a goal. When setting goals it can be helpful to check them against the "SMARTER" goal setting tool. Review your goal by asking yourself the following questions:

Specific: Am I clear exactly what I want to achieve?

Measurable: How will I know when I have completed my goal, what will it look like?

Achievable: Can I really currently achieve this goal? Don't set yourself up to fail.

Relevant: Is this goal really important to me?

Time-bound: When do I want to have completed my goal?

Enjoyable: Will I enjoy working towards my goal?

Rewarded: How will I reward myself when I complete my goal?

In the video below you will learn more about how to set an achievable goal.




Mindfulness raisin activity

In our minds we balance both positive and negative thoughts and feelings. At times these negative thoughts and feelings come to the forefront and it can be difficult to shake these off. This can lead to periods of low mood which result in the downward spiral of negative emotions. Mindfulness is a tool we can use to help us to ‘de-fuse’ from these negative thoughts and feelings so that instead of being overwhelmed by them, we are better able to manage them. Click on the video link below to try our simple, quick mindfulness raisin exercise, which could help you to feel more calm, happier and less stressed. You will be guided through the stages of seeing,touching, scent and taste, so try not to jump ahead. So grab yourself a raisin, or a piece of fruit if you haven't bought any raisins since 1976, and get started!



Strengths spotting

Character strengths are the capacities we have for thinking, feeling, and behaving. There are 24 universal character strengths grouped under six categories (listed below). Using your signature strengths can increase happiness, decrease depression and help you achieve your goals. If you want to discover what your top 5 signature strengths are, you can complete a free questionnaire at VIA character strength

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