People living with HIV/AIDS


Is the HOPE HIV/AIDS course for you?

The HOPE HIV/AIDS course is an interactive, group-based, health behaviour, self-management coaching programme, which runs for 8  weeks, with each weekly session lasting 2.5 hours for groups of between 8 and 12 participants. The course has been developed by Coventry University and George Washington University in the United States.  

Self-management is beneficial in many different ways. If you are the kind of person who benefits from the support of others HOPE is ideal for you. The HOPE course provides  a supportive, friendly group setting which will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to cope with many of  the frustrations, fears and sense of isolation that living with  HIV/AIDS can bring.  The course deals with:

  • Goal setting and action planning

  • Looking for solutions to problems

  • Employment seeking skills

  • Stress management

  • Fatigue management

  • Identifying your strengths

  • Becoming more positive, grateful and appreciating life more

  • Healthy lifestyles (e.g. eating more healthily and physical activity)

  • Communication skills

  • Depression management

  • Challenging negative and distorted thinking & encouraging positive cognitions and self-talk

  • Medication adherence

  • Sex, intimacy and disclosure

  • Enlisting social and community support

  • Relapse prevention strategies

All of these techniques have been shown through research to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of people living with and affected by cancer. 

How does HOPE help?

  • Our research has shown that after attending the HOPE HIV/AIDS course participants feel:

  • More confident and motivated

  • Better self-esteem

  • More satisfied with life

  • More confident to seek employment opportunities

  • More able to adhere to medication regimes

  • Less depressed and anxious

  • Less distress about their health

  • Less fatigue

  • Less pain

What do people living in the United States with HIV/AIDS say about the HOPE course?

For me, the course taught me tools that I applied in my life, I share the tools with others. I had not planned to be alive at age 49 or 50. I had been worrying for 15-18 years that I would not be here today. But here I am! This program gave me the guidance on how to deal with life as I age. For me it was all about breaking problems down and learning how to be proactive. The tools have really taught me that I can be self-sufficient and mange my health and my life.
— Person living with HIV/AIDS

Benefits to organisations and commissioners

When participants attend this programme, they take a more active role in managing their health which can result in fewer consultations with healthcare professionals and more effective use of healthcare resources.

Further Information

The Hope HIV/AIDS course is run by Hope For The Community.

Are you interested in a bespoke HOPE course for the people you support?