People living with depression


Is the HOPE course for you or the people you support?

The HOPE for people with depression  is an interactive, group-based, self-management support course, which runs for 6 weeks, with each weekly session lasting 2.5 hours for groups of between 8 and 12 participants. The course has been developed by Coventry University. 

Self-management is beneficial in many different ways. If you are the kind of person who benefits from the support of others HOPE is ideal for you. The HOPE course provides a supportive, friendly group setting which will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to cope with many of  the frustrations, fears and sense of isolation that living with depression can bring.

The course deals with: 

  • Goal setting and action planning

  • Looking for solutions to problems

  • Challenging unhelpful beliefs

  • Stress management (e.g. mindfulness and relaxation)

  • Fatigue management

  • Identifying your strengths

  • Becoming more positive, grateful and appreciating life more

  • Healthy lifestyles (e.g. eating more healthily and physical activity)

  • Prioritising the important things in life

  • Communication skills

All of these techniques have been shown through research to have a positive impact on the health and well-being of people living with and affected by depression.

What do people say about the HOPE Programme?

I am easier in the group, I do find it easier to say something to somebody without having to worry too much about whether it’s the right thing or the wrong thing, if it’s not it’ll. I’ve always felt with people I have to walk on eggshells, be very careful around them. I can see why it’s so popular, because you can just be yourself here and other people have suffered similar sorts of things...”

“Another good point is when opening up, ok it is hard to begin with some people find it harder than others. A problem shared is a problem solved. I found that it helps the, not cure it but you know help overcome the anxiety better and that boost the confidence.”

“It was nice to share my experiences. I felt sort of I’d shared a part of my life with them. I felt good. It helped my confidence. I’ve learnt to be more confident. I feel more relaxed and confident with other people now.”

“The breathing technique that works that helps a lot as well because I had a bit of a rough time. The breathing I thought that really helps. Not necessarily just at night times but any time. If you are feeling a bit down its actually helped slow your heart rate down which is brings you more, reduces your anxiety which is good
— Person with depression

Benefits to organisations and commissioners

When patients attend this programme, they take a more active role in managing their health which results in fewer consultations with healthcare professionals, visit A&E less frequently and use less medication. This results in more efficient and effective use of healthcare resources.

Further Information

The Hope course for people living with depression is run by Hope For The Community.

Are you interested in a bespoke HOPE course for the people you support?